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Running a
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since 1955

For over six decades, Forbes Pharmaceuticals has been a pioneering force in the world of all chemicals. Established in 1955, we have continuously evolved and adapted to become a trusted name in the industry. Under the visionary leadership of our CHAIRMAN, Mr. Mukesh Kamdar, Forbes Pharmaceuticals has achieved remarkable growth and maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our journey is shaped by a dedicated team of Managing Directors Mr. Anurva Kamdar and CEO Mr. Mudit Kamdar, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. Their strategic guidance and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in driving our success and innovation.

At Forbes Pharmaceuticals, we take immense pride in our legacy of quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. We've established ourselves as a global leader known for research-driven solutions, stringent quality control measures, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As we continue to shape the future of chemicals, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey and experience the Forbes Pharmaceuticals difference firsthand.

How Do We Work

We work with you for solution


Research-Driven Solutions

At Forbes Pharmaceuticals, we start by conducting in-depth research to understand your specific needs and challenges. Our dedicated team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technologies and scientific expertise to develop customized solutions tailored to your requirements.


Quality Assurance Excellence

At Forbes Pharmaceuticals, we maintain an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality in every aspect of our operations. Our dedication to excellence begins with the meticulous sourcing of raw materials and extends through each stage of production. Our rigorous quality control measures set industry standards, ensuring that our chemicals consistently surpass industry benchmarks.


Collaborative Partnership

We believe in building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Collaboration is at the heart of how we work. We work closely with you to ensure transparency, open communication, and a deep understanding of your objectives. Together, we achieve success.

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